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Real Life Autism Course - Spaces Available

There is still space available on the next round of The Real Life Autism Course which starts on Tuesday 20th Feb 7-8pm. This is a six week, virtual (via Zoom), interactive course delivered by experts. £80 for the full six sessions. There are no more than 12 participants in each group plus 2 family support advisors.

NB. This will run each week until 12th March, then there will be a break, with the final two sessions being on 26th March and 16thApril.

Each week the sessions will be geared around a different topic:
week 1, Introductions, autism and the co-occurring conditions
week 2, sensory processing
week 3, anxiety, stimming and masking
week 4, education
week 5, communication and behaviour
week 6, Q & A- ask us

For more information or to book please email