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Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse

What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic Abuse is the intentional use of verbal, emotional, psychological, financial and physical abusive tactics and behaviours in order to maintain power and control over and manipulate a partner, ex partner or family member.

It arises from the misuse of power and control by one person over another. It is a series of incidents and behaviours that usually escalate over time. The abuse includes different abusive behaviours that can be used together or separately over a period of time.


Physical abuse can include:

    • Pushing
    •     Punching
    •     Slapping
    •     Hair pulling
    •     Kicking
    •     Smashing objects
    •     Biting
    •     Scratching
    •     Strangulation
    •     Suffocation


Verbal abuse can include:

    • Name calling
    • Putting down
    • Shouting at
    • Swearing at


Emotional abuse can include:

    • Being told you are useless, worthless, pathetic, too fat, too thin, ugly
    • Threats to harm or kill you or the children
    • Threats to take the children away, that social services will take the children away
    • Sulking
    • Changing the rules
    • Whatever you do is not good enough
    • Being nice one moment abusive the next
    • Not being allowed to see family or friends
    • Harassing by texts, phone calls
    • Stalking, checking up on


Sexual abuse can include:

    • Being forced to have sex against your will
    • Being forced to have sex with others/in front of others
    • Being forced to watch or take part in pornography
    • Any sexual act that you have not consented to


Financial abuse can include:

    • Withholding money
    • Not allowing you access to bank/savings accounts
    • Making you beg for money
    • Making you account for every penny spent
    • Not allowing you access to benefits