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Outreach Support

What we do

Ewell Family Centre will provide 1:1 family support for families with children aged 0-11 years, where challenging family circumstances are having a significant impact on the health, development or well-being of the children living in the home. 

Professionals and practitioners working with families, for example GP's, Health Visitor's, schools, early years setting's and other's, will request 1:1 support for the family through the Early Help Hub. The family will then be contacted by the family centre when parent's have agreed that they would welcome the extra help.

How is Support Offered?

Once the family have agreed to accept support, one of our Outreach Workers will call you to arrange an initial visit. At this visit family centre staff will help you  identify and find solutions to the challenges you are facing and to grow in confidence to manage future difficulties. 


Ewell Family Centre has two Outreach Workers- Karen and Joanna, who both have many years of experience working with children and families. They will provide 1:1 support in the family home as well as at local community venues or at the family centre itself, whichever suits the needs of the family at the time.


Ewell Family Centre  works closely with other services that support families, for example, the Family Support Programme, Targeted Youth Support, Health Visitor's, schools, early years settings and charities to make sure families get the support they need. Sometimes these professionals will be part of the support offered and will attend Team Around the Family (TAF) meetings.


How to Request Support


If you would like support from an Outreach Worker you will need to complete a Request for Support Form (see below)


C-SPA Children's Single Point of Access

0300 470 9100

If you would like to access the support services listed a referral to the family centre needs to be completed by a professional or the family itself (see below)