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Community Fridge

What is a Community Fridge?


A community fridge is a way of reducing the amount of good food that is thrown away.


Did you know that the average family wastes £470 a year throwing away food and drink and £3 billion is wasted by other food sectors, yet 4 million people are living in poverty?!


We receive food from Sainsburys North Cheam (both the main superstore and the Sainsburys Local) and Getir Tolworth. The food can vary from non-perishable items to chilled foods and fruit and vegetables, but we don't know what we will be getting each day.


Using the community fridge is a great way of trying new foods for your family, without the expense of buying it, only to discover it isn't liked or appreciated!

Opening Times


The fridge will be open Monday-Friday 11.00am-3.00pm, with collections available each day from around 11.45am.

To check if we have had a collection please follow our Facebook page (Ewell Family Centre) or call the centre office 020 8337 7310 Option 1.


We will advertise the food we have collected each day on our Facebook page (link below)> Please follow us there for daily updates on the food we have available. Some examples of our recent collections are below (all advertised on Facebook on the day of collection).



COVID-19 Measures

We will be operating the fridge under COVID-19 measures to keep us ALL safe.


  • On arrival please press the reception bell. You may be invited into the centre to collect the food (this depends on other activities in the centre)
  • Only 1 adult will be permitted into the centre.
  • Please wear a face covering and use the hand sanitiser before coming inside
  • Once inside you will be asked to sign in and wait in a dedicated area whilst staff assist you.
  • Please download the NHS COVID app prior to allow you to scan the QR code (this will save you completing a very long form)



We provide a service to support families, therefore this fridge is for the benefit of families with children under the age of 18 years.


  • Please bring a bag.
  • Do not take or consume any item that smells gone-off or appears suspicious for any other reason.


  • Do not take or consume any item if you have an allergy, we cannot guarantee there has been no contamination with other products.


  • There are no restrictions, but we ask you to be considerate to others, only take what you need  and what you will use.


  • Please wash fruit and vegetables before consuming them.


  • If you take frozen items, please put them back in a freezer as quickly as possible. Once defrosted please consume that day.


  • Seek medical advice immediately if you are unwell after eating food from the community fridge and inform the family centre staff.


  • Do not use food from the fridge for profit or personal gain.